About Us

The GoldFlorin Store is part of the GoldFlorin organization. The GoldFlorin organization was founded in 2019 after a group of precious metal enthusiasts and experienced gold and silver investors came together. The idea was simple, providing investors and collectors the best possible service, the finest gold and silver products, and the most revolutionary methods of buying, storing, and investing in precious metals. The GoldFlorin Store is the first out of 3 platforms that were brought to the market. The GoldFlorin Store features an extensive range of popular, affordable, and rare gold and silver bullion coins and bars. Although the GoldFlorin organization is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, the organization is an internationally operating company with a true Dutch Heritage. In The Netherlands, trading in precious metals is based on trust and transparency. GoldFlorin brings these typical Dutch characteristics to the market in combination with a world-class precious metals shop.

The GoldFlorin Store

The GoldFlorin store features a wide range of gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, and silver bars. The catalog features affordable gold and silver bullion, rare collector items, and the newest additions within the precious metals market. GoldFlorin provides its customers with fast and secure shipments through trusted partners such as UPS. Ordering from the GoldFlorin store is fully insured and secured, making the GoldFlorin Store the place to be for individuals looking to start or expand their precious metals investments. Most products within the GoldFlorin Store are registered within the "Good Delivery List". This makes the products bought within the GoldFlorin Store tradable worldwide and excellent for investments.

Current market rates

The GoldFlorin Store features a dynamic pricing feature. Within the GoldFlorin store, we update our prices every 5 minutes to match the latest gold price and silver price. As soon as you create your order, we lock in the current market rate. During the entire day, gold and silver prices may vary making "buy moments" essential when making small or large purchases.

Excellence in Service

The GoldFlorin store excellences in customer service. Our team is always happy to help you. Whether you need advice in buying gold or silver products, or if you want more information about certain bars or coins, our team is there for you. Our service desk is open 5 days a week, from Monday until Friday from 09:00 AM until 4:30 PM CET. Our customer service desk can be reached by e-mail us at help@goldflorin.com or calling us on + 31 (0) 70 204 28 20.

Our company is registered within the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (no. 77938224) and is located on Lange Voorhout 6, 2514 ED in The Hague, The Netherlands.