Gold price with live charts

When you buy or sell gold coins or gold bars, you always have to deal with the bid and ask prices of gold. The current gold price is determined by the global bid and ask prices of gold. The bid and ask prices are the prices at which gold is bought and sold. The bid price is the price bid by the buyer of the gold. The asking price, on the other hand, is the price that a seller of gold asks for the precious metals. Do you sell gold to a counterparty? Then the counterparty pays you the offer price. Do you buy gold from the counterparty? Then the counterparty pays you the offer price. The gold price changes 5 days a week from Monday to Friday and is determined based on the largest gold markets in the world, namely the gold market in London and the gold market in New York. In the gold price chart below you can follow the current gold price. In addition to tracking and analyzing the current gold price, you can also use this unique GoldFlorin Gold Price Widget to compare the gold price against a range of different indices such as the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, the US Dollar, or the price of crude oil. In the chart below we assume the gold price in kilograms.

Historical gold price

The gold price fluctuates as demand increases or decreases. Gold is often seen as diversification within an investment portfolio. An investment in gold is therefore often held for a longer period of time. To give you a clear impression of what the gold price has done over the past 1.5 decades, you can see the evolution of the gold price at a glance in the table below. In the left column is the period, in the middle column the gold price in kilograms per period, and in the right column, you can see the percentage change of the gold price compared to today's gold price.

Current gold price

The current gold price on the stock exchange changes throughout the day. The gold price is mainly determined by the bid prices and the ask prices. Different buyers and sellers on worldwide exchanges determine the price that is in effect at that time. The gold price fluctuates 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. About 140 million troy ounces of gold are traded daily on international exchanges. That amounts to about 160 billion euros per day.

Gold price per gram

Normally, the price of gold is expressed in kilograms or in troy ounces. Many private individuals who invest in precious metals often calculate the gold price back in grams. In the table below we give our customers the opportunity to see the current gold price per gram at a glance:

Dynamic product prices

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