Goldflorin is reintroducing the gold standard by introducing the GFL Token.

The GFL is a unique asset backed token, connected to 1 gram of physical certified gold that is securely stored in a protected vault. This means your blockchain is a smart contract to invest in physical gold, without any holding costs. GFL is regulated under the Dutch Financial Authorities, which means it is 100% secured and safe. The GFL can easily be acquired and sold back through our exchange GLFX. We provide the exchange of GFL against Euro, Dollar and Bitcoin.

GFL is offering unique benefits:

  • Every single GFL is backed by 1 gram of physical certified gold stored in a secured safe
  • No storage costs, cheapest way and easiest way to invest in physical gold
  • Easily and instantly converting into EUR, USD, CHF and Bitcoin
  • Regulated by the AFM (Dutch Finacial Authorities)

Sign up now for GFLX by sending your email-address and we provide you with the onboarding documentation.

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