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Information about Gold and Silver

Whether you are buying gold or silver for investment, or you are just looking for relevant gold market news, GoldFlorin offers a complete news platform where we share the latest and most relevant gold and silver bullion news, insights and tips from experts. We make information and news on gold and silver accessible for everyone. Click on the link below to visit our extensive news and blog page for more information.

Investing in Gold & Silver

Looking to invest in gold or silver? Gold is known to be one of the most reliable commodities to invest in over the years. Investing in gold and silver has become more and more popular and demand has multiplied. At GoldFlorin we offer bullion gold and silver to invest in. Simply visit our shop and find a coin or bar that fits your investment needs. Need advice in buying gold and silver? Our customer service desk has many years of experience in gold and silver investments. We would be happy to share our knowledge and insights.

Safe Delivery

GoldFlorin is a Dutch company. The Netherlands is widely known as one of the most important technological and logistical hubs in Europe. Over the years our team has served many thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. We guarantee that your precious metals are shipped quickly and insured. GoldFlorin is widely known for offering bullion coins such as Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and many other coins and bars. All our products are shipped directly from our warehouse and fully insured by our shipping partner, UPS. For more information about buying bullion gold and silver, please contact us. Our team is always there for you.

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At GoldFlorin we offer precious metals such as gold and silver at current market prices. Our gold and silver prices adapt quickly and swiftly to market behavior and enable you to buy your precious metals at the most up-to-date pricing. We are a leading bullion dealer offering gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins whilst giving you unbeatable customer support.

Reliable stores of wealth

Precious metals are historically very reliable stores of wealth that have helped individuals protect their purchasing power for several centuries. While fiat currencies issued by governments can become worthless over time, precious metals never do. Also, unlike other investments, loss of principal is not a risk with owning silver and gold; you always have your physical metal.

Safe Purchase of Precious Metals

GoldFlorin features a Safe Purchase Policy of gold bullion and silver bullion coins and bars. After ordering your products, your shipment is 100% insured. All gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars are tested and authenticated. Also, GoldFlorin features a secure and encrypted checkout environment to make sure that all of your purchases are protected and secured. The products listed within our store are also registered as "Good Delivery Products" which means that the gold and silver bullion products you order are tradeable around the world. With every order you make, you can rely on the Safe Purchase Policy giving peace of mind with every purchase.