Goldflorin Vault and GFLX vs. our Webstore products

Owning gold in smaller physical units such as coins and small bars generally results in paying 7-10% above the price paid at Goldmoney Vault or at GFLX for the GFL token.

GoldFlorin and other bullion dealers also tend to offer buybacks at a discount of about 2-3%. Prices can be reliably compared against the published spot price.

Although storing coins and small bars at home is free, it isn’t advisable and any sizeable amount would require insurance. Generally, insurance for homeowners on gold amounts to 1-2% a year of its value.

As a GoldFlorin Vault client or GFL token holder, you benefit from our access to wholesale insurance prices (as little as 0.12% for gold), which we include in our storage fees.

For those who are not concerned with the higher fees, GoldFlorin offers clients to take delivery of their metals in the form of coins and bars through the GoldFlorin Webstore, a joint venture between Goldflorin B.V. and CoinInvest Gmbh, Germany.

When you are ready to convert your precious metals balance into coins or bars, simply follow the process from your GoldFlorin. Our representatives can call or email you to help guide you through the selection and delivery of coins and bars.

If you have old bars or coins you wish to sell, GoldFlorin can also arrange to buy your existing coins and bars and fund your investments in GoldFlorin with the proceeds of your sale(s).