GoldFlorin Vault

The best next thing to owning and holding in your hands is to invest in physical gold with Goldflorin and let us Webstore it in one of our fortified vaults in the Netherlands or Switzerland in your name, meaning fully identified as owned by individual Goldflorin clients. This form of direct individual ownership is superior to owning a share (or shares) of a corporate entity or trust, such as listed ETFs or other collective vehicles, for several reasons.

First, a holding in a metal ETF is a form of indirect rather than direct legal ownership, as it is the intermediary, rather than individual, that owns the metal. Second, physical ETFs are designed so that their shares closely track the price of physical gold. For this service, they charge annual management fees of approximately 0.4-0.6% per annum. This is three to four times greater than the annual all-in fee paid by Goldflorin clients for the secure storage, bar testing, insurance, and audits of their gold as well as the full suite of additional features and services provided by Goldflorin.

Pick up your gold out of the vault

When you want to (partially) hold the gold we have Webstored in the vault yourselves, we can ship the physical product to you by mail order or you can (let it) picked up with Goldflorin. Please be aware that picking up your gold is only possible after you made an appointment through our support center.

Selling Back your gold in the vault

Selling (partially) back the gold you Webstored in our vault at the current and actual goldprice is easy and always possible, see below. If you need any assistance, please contact our support center.

Counterparty Risk

Your gold is Webstored in a non-bank vault which is hired by the Goldflorin Global Custoday Foundation, which is independent and protects you against counterparty risk, meaning a default of Goldflorin B.V. or one of its businesspartners.

The Vault will be available soon.

Please come back soon to buy and store your gold in the GoldFlorin Vault!