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Goldflorin B.V. is a Dutch legal entity established in April 2020 in the Netherlands and registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce#: 77938224. Goldflorin B.V. is acting under the regulation of the Dutch financial market authorities (AFM) which means clients can be sure that Goldflorin B.V. complies to a diligent and high professional standard of compliance and controls.
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To prevent and eliminate any counter party risks, all physical gold owned by its clients or backing the GFL blockchain token issued by Goldlforin, are held by the GoldFlorin Global Custoday foundation, which is managed by and under control of Goldflorin B.V. The GoldFlorin Global Custody Foundation is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce #82713790.

GoldFlorin Store

Buying and Selling precious gold products as an investment like coins and bars through our Webstore. Conveniently ordered online and delivered securely at your doorstep.

GoldFlorin Vault

Investing and Divesting in gold bullion safely stored by GoldFlorin in your own name in one of our secured vault in the Netherlands or Switzerland. GoldFlorin Vault is the safest way to invest in or speculate with physical gold.


In 2023 GoldFlorin introduces the GFL, a unique blockhain token backed by vaulted certified physical gold, properly managed by GoldFlorin under the regulation of the Dutch Financial Authorities. With the GFL coin, GoldFlorin is reintroducing the gold standard as a digital currency which is the ultimate hedge against all other fiat currencies, stocks, bonds but also digital tokens, crypto’s and NFT’s. GFL is worlds highly liquid, safest and cheapest way to buy, sell, hold, trade, invest and divest in physical gold.

Buy Back and Exchange service

As a client of GoldFlorin you can sell back all gold you bought with us in any form, at any moment, against the current and actual market goldprice, or trade against another product like exchange the Webstore product for GFL or Vault and vice versa. Goldflorin provides optimal flexibility to support its clients with gold services in all situations, anytime.

Current market rates

The GoldFlorin Store features a dynamic pricing feature. Within the GoldFlorin store, we update our prices every 5 minutes to match the latest gold price and silver price. As soon as you create your order, we lock in the current market rate. During the entire day, gold and silver prices may vary making “buy moments” essential when making small or large purchases.

Current market rates

The GoldFlorin store excellences in customer service. Our team is always happy to help you. Whether you need advice in buying gold or silver products, or if you want more information about certain bars or coins, our team is there for you. Our service desk is open 5 days a week, from Monday until Friday from 09:00 AM until 4:30 PM CET. Our customer service desk can be reached by e-mail us at info@goldflorin.com or calling us on + 31 (0) 85 487 99 46.

Our company is registered within the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (no. 77938224) and is located on Lange Voorhout 6, 2514 ED in The Hague, The Netherlands.