1/2 oz Britannia Gold Coin | 2022

1/2 oz Britannia Gold Coin | 2022

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½ oz Gold Britannia

Invest in the iconic ½ oz gold coin featuring Britannia which has been representing Britain and its evolution since Roman times!

In 2021, once more, Britannia coin led the way with the British Mint creating four groundbreaking security features. It employed the team behind the “world's most secure coin, the UK 1 pound coin” and asked them to create four elements in order to take visual security to the next level. Here they are:

  1. Surface animation provides a background for Britannia, reflecting the flow of waves as the coin is moved.
  2. Micro text with the wording DECUS ET TUTAMEN (an Ornament and a safeguard) can be found on the coin describing the feature that both decorate and protect the coin
  3. The Union Jack on Britannia’s shield have been especially highlighted with tincture lines
  4. Based on the viewer’s perspective, in the lower hand segment of the coin, a latent feature switches between a trident and a padlock

As a result, you now have not only a stunning Britannia coin struck in half an ounce of 999.9 fine gold, but also a coin which will be incredibly hard to forge.

On the reverse of the coin (and we have gone through some of the new key features), Britannia stands proud. It was designed by Philip Nathan in 1987 with a new vision in mind: to reflect on the changes of the nation, its resilience and values. Britannia is the female warrior, the national personification of Britain, one of its oldest symbols. She is wearing a toga and holding a shield bearing the Union Jack with her left hand. In her outstretched right arm, she displays the famous trident. All these elements reinforce her strength and power.

She is surrounded by inscriptions bearing her name and the coin’s purity, year of mintage and weight.

The obverse of the coin represents the iconic portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark. The inscription above her head “Elizabeth2, D.G, REG F.D are the initials for a Latin phrase which translates to “By the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith followed by 25 POUNDS. Under her majesty’s head are featured the initials of the designer J.C.

And of course her Majesty is wearing her famous diadem crown and the royal jewels.

Britannia coins are the most famous gold coins in the United Kingdom. Not only are they legal tender in their country of origin, but also a popular coin internationally due to their low premium above spot. Manufactured by the Royal Mint,regarded as a master mint with over 1000 years of experience, they are popular with larger investors thanks to their status as Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt. Also, let’s not forget that they are in high demand because of their beautiful design.

This coin is a must have in everyone’s collection as they are incredibly popular and expected to sell out. Its face value is of 50 British Pounds backed by the British Government and each individual coin comes in protective plastic flips. It is made with 0.9999 fine gold and weighs 1/2 troy oz. To our mind, this is an investment not to be missed! These features are also available on the1oz, ¼ oz,and 1/10oz fine gold editions of the coin, and on the 1oz fine silver edition.

Additional information

Product Number 109306
Country United Kingdom
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 15.55175 gram
Gross Weight 15.55175 gram


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