1/2 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin | 2023

1/2 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin | 2023

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Gold coin 1/2 oz Maple Leaf 2023

How would you like to own one of the most famous coins in the world?

Today it is possible for you to acquire the 1/2 oz gold maple 2023 on StoneX Bullion. This coin is one of the oldest coins having been minted the first time in 1979 by the Canadian Mint.

On top of being an amazing investment, this is also a beautiful piece of art. Let us explain to you why:

The reverse of the coin shows a maple leaf which is also depicted on the national flag of Canada. The design has not been changed since its creation but why should you change something so successful and delightful?

The sugar Maple leaf trees were used by the Canadian aboriginal people as a food source. The European settlers used them conveniently to produce and export sugar. It is quite natural that the Leaf ended up on the national coin.Here is a lovely rendition of the Leaf by artist Walter Ott. It is a very realistic design of the leaf, with amazing attention to details: the leaf’s texture,its unique shape, and its veins are truly remarkable.

The coins of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Series feature light-refracting radial lines in the background, an element which was added to the coins in 2015. We can also find the privy mark, metal type and weight and purity (written in the two official languages of Canada, English and French)

The obverse depicts a profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Since the Maple Leaf coin was first minted, the only changes to the obverse of the coin have been to the profile of the Queen as she has aged. From 1988 to 1989, the Queen was portrayed as 39 years old; from 1990 until 2004 she was depicted as 64 years old and from 2005 to date she has been portrayed aged 79. The latest design is the work of Susanna Blunt.

Of course Queen Elizabeth passed away in September 2022 and this coin is also an homage to her and her amazing reign.

The portrait seems a lot more relaxed and the Queen is only wearing earrings and a necklace (no crown).

On this side, the words 'ELIZABETH II', the value of the coin “20 dollars” and the year it was minted are printed. There is also a special engraving marking of the years of her reign (1952-2022)

All gold Maple Leaf coins are minted in 99,99% fine gold. The 1/2 ounce gold coin contains 15,5515 grams of fine gold.The high purity of gold Maple Leaf coins has made the coins a preferred choice among gold investors around the world.But this rendition will surely be very popular because it will be the last time featuring her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. So hurry up and secure your copy today!

Additional information

Product Number 104289
Country Canada
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 15.55175 gram
Gross Weight 15.5533 gram


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