1/4 oz Lunar III Tiger Gold Coin | 2022

1/4 oz Lunar III Tiger Gold Coin | 2022

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1/4 gold Lunar Tiger gold coin 2022

This is it: we have stepped into a new year and in the Chinese Lunar calendar, 2022 is the year of the Tiger. And an opportunity seized by the Perth Mint to release a new coin celebrating this beautiful animal and part of the very popular Lunar series III.

Each Lunar Series program available from Perth Mint, dating back to 1996 and the first series, has started with the Year of the Mouse and concluded with the Year of the Pig. This follows the exact 12-year cycle of the Zodiac, making Perth Mints collection one of the few to start and end on the proper years aligning with the Chinese Lunar Calendars start and end.

By investing in the ¼ oz gold lunar tiger you will not only acquire a coin created by the Perth Mint, part of the elite group of mints around the world but also enjoy its design which is not far off remarkable.

Featuring the amazing Tiger, the design represents all its qualities: courage, bravery, ferocity. The reverse side of the 2022 ¼ gold lunar tiger coins features an adult tiger along the edge of a rocky cliff. It has been designed by Monique Reeves, a Dutch designer now living in Australia who has made sure to emphasize the muscular frame of the beast. The tiger turns its head to display its razor-sharp teeth while letting loose an imposing roar.

To his left is the chinese character for tiger with “TIGER 2022” underneath. Further left is written P for the mark of the Perth Mint’s.

On the obverse of the coin, Jody Clark’s now famous design of the Queen Elizabeth stands proud. Although developed in 2015 by Mr Clark, the design only debuted at Perth Mint in 2018 and did not feature on Lunar Series coins until 2020. Turning to the left , the queen is wearing her royal crown, a necklace and beautiful matching earrings.The attention to details (her hair, neckline, crowns) is astonishing.

The beautiful coin is available in acrylic capsules or rolls of 20 coins and there are unlimited mintages for 2022! It contains ¼ troy oz of 0.9999 pure gold and the face value is 25 AUD backed by the Australian government.

You don’t want to miss out on getting your own 2022 ¼ oz Gold Lunar Tiger coin. This coin is indeed unique, beautiful and highly collectible and represents a fantastic purchase choice for both the savvy investor and the keen collector.

Additional information

Product Number 101391
Country Australia
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 7.779 gram
Gross Weight 7.78 gram


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