1.5 oz Multi Maple Leaf | Silver | 2015

1.5 oz Multi Maple Leaf | Silver | 2015

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The new Multi-Maple Leaf Silver Coin - 3 Maple Leaves and More Silver at an Affordable Price

Since 1979, the Canadian Maple Leaf has been an intrinsic part of the world of investment coins. It is one of the world's most popular gold coins and has also been highly successful as a 1 oz silver coin since 1988. Whether in gold or silver, the Maple Leaf has been a huge success story since its inception. Demand has been very high since then and thus the investment power of the individual years of issue has also been increasing steadily. Because the coins are mass minted, the Maple Leaf Coin can be produced much more cheaply than other coins and comes onto the coin market with only a small surcharge, which in turn makes it very popular with investors, as they can buy more silver for the scheduled selling price.

The Multi-Maple Leaf as an Investment Coin

In the last few years, more and more investors have begun to add silver investment coins to their portfolios, because silver is one of the finite raw materials of our Earth and will certainly increase in demand and price in the future. A well-mixed portfolio seems to be attractive here.

Now, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new version of the Maple Leaf , the Multi-Maple Leaf. This coin is a true heavyweight among silver coins, because instead of the usual one ounce of silver, the Multi-Maple Leaf weighs a whole 1.5 ounces of fine silver on the scales and at 4.5 mm, it is somewhat stronger than the classic Maple Leaf at 3.2 mm.

The higher weight and large production numbers allow the Royal Canadian Mint to keep the minting costs as low as possible, meaning the Multi-Maple Leaf currently has the best gm/price ratio. With the Multi-Maple Leaf, you are getting a high-quality investment coin as an investor, that is an attractive investment object due to its weight and purity of 99.99 % fine silver, which is more portable than a 500 g silver bar or even a 1 kg silver bar, but still larger than the usual silver coins.

Compare the Multi-Maple Leaf to the 1.5 oz. Polar Bear. This Canadian silver coin achieved great appeal worldwide for investors and collectors, despite its unusual nominal value of 8 CAD, and quickly became one of the most popular investment and collector coins. The Multi-Maple Leaf meets the ideal conditions for imitating its bear predecessor.

New Weight and New Design

Even though the weight may appear to be the real innovation of the coin at first glance, the design of the coin is no less innovative and unusual, making the coin of interest to collectors and design lovers too.

In remarkable detail and fineness, the motif side depicts three Canadian maple leaves. The leaves in various sizes appear to be attached to a small section of branch, swaying in the wind. The fine, clearly illustrated veins of the leaves and the sharp contrasting edges that allow the leaves to stand out clearly from the structured background are fascinating. An embossed ring separates the motif from the inscription, which states the country of issue "Canada" on top and the coin's year of issue "2015" on a slightly grooved background. In the centre below the motif, the denomination of the coin, "1½ oz", is stated and is framed by the material description in the respective national languages, English and French (FINE SILVER, ARGENT PUR).

The nominal side , typical for coins from Commonwealth Member States, depicts the image of Queen Elizabeth II. This motif is also an innovation this year, because after the last update in 1998, all Commonwealth coins issued in 2015 bear a new and current portrait of the Queen. The portrait designed by the British artist Jody Clark shows the United Kingdom's monarch with a gentle and charming smile, as well as age-appropriate wrinkles that add a special charm to the image. Here too, the background is lightly structured, but there is no frame around the motif on this side, so the name of the Queen "ELIZABETH II" is seen directly over the image, while the nominal value of the coin, "8 DOLLARS", is specified below. The structure of the background of the image serves less as a design feature and more as an anti-forgery device on the coin. This feature was introduced in 2013 as a new security standard for minting the Maple Leaf and has been retained ever since.

The Multi-Maple Leaf Silver Follows a Successful Tradition in Coins

With the Multi-Maple Leaf , the Royal Canadian Mint is continuing a success story that began in 1979 with the first edition of the Maple Leaf Gold. The Canadian counterpart to the Krugerrand ended its dominance of the coin market and opened it up for new designs and innovations. In 1988, its big brother in gold was followed by the first Silver Maple Leaf in the denomination of 1 oz. Smaller denominations were only issued as limited edition commemorative coins. The minting tradition of the RCM itself dates back to 1908. Since then, the mint has drawn attention to itself by producing high-quality and innovative gold and silver products time and time again. Today, it is one of the best-selling mints in the world with a production rate of up to 15 million coins per day.

Buy the Multi-Maple Leaf Silver from CoinInvest

Do you want to expand your portfolio to include an innovative and unusual coin? Then you have the opportunity to purchase your Multi-Maple Leaf atCoinInvest. As a licensed and selected dealer, we also offer the Canadian Multi-Maple Leaf in larger quantities of 15 coins in appropriate tubes. This allows you to store the silver coins in a well-protected and space-saving manner. If you only wish to purchase a single Multi-Maple Leaf, this is not a problem either, because single coins also leave our establishment securely and safely packaged. If you have any questions, you can contact us easily by phone or e-mail. We are also happy to provide assistance, if you wish to sell any coins.

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Product Number 204134
Country Germany
Metal Silver
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 46.655 gram
Gross Weight 46.66 gram


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