1 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin | 2023

1 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin | 2023

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1 oz Gold Maple Leaf 2023

This 1oz gold Maple Leaf coin, 2023 version, is a must-have in your collection!

Introduced in 1979, the Canadian Maple Leaf series is amongst the most popular gold collections in the world standing proud next to the Eagle, the Panda, the Britannia and the Kangaroo.

The Maple Leaf is produced by the Canadian Mint and was originally created to compete with the famous and popular Krugerrand. The Canadian Mint originally started out as a branch of the Royal Mint in London but over the years, Canada saw their need for coinage rise and London authorized a branch of the Royal Mint to be built in Ottawa in 1901(inaugurated in 1908). Since then, it has been responsible for all the production and distribution of Canada’s coinage and its enormous minting capacity also allows it to produce foreign circulation, numismatic and bullion coins for international consumers.

Why is the 2023 version particularly touching?

Because it pays tribute to the Late Queen Elizabeth II with on the obverse:

*a special engraving marking of the years of her reign (1952-2022)

*a beautiful portrait of the Queen created by Canadian artist Susanna Blunt. The Queen is depicted aged 79

Back in 2002, several artists were invited to take part in a design competition for a new effigy. The winning submission came from Vancouver-based artist Susanna Blunt, whose portrait was introduced the following year to mark The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

Simplicity makes this one stand out from the rest of the portrait on the Maple Leaf series. Like her father, King George VI, The Queen chose to be portrayed without a crown, instead wearing a simple string of pearls and pearl stud earrings.

The effigy exudes poise, strength and dignity-three qualities that have defined Her Majesty’s reign. It is definitely a more modern yet beautiful representation of the long-reigning Queen of Canada.

On this side, the words 'ELIZABETH II', the value of the coin, 50 dollars and the year it was minted 2023 are printed.

The iconic Maple Leaf

The coin’s reverse features the sugar maple leaf design by Royal Canadian Mint master engraver Walter Ott. It is a very realistic design of the leaf, with amazing attention to details: the leaf’s texture,its unique shape, and its veins are truly remarkable.

The sugar Maple leaf trees were used by the Canadian aboriginal people as a food source. The European settlers used them conveniently to produce and export sugar. It is quite natural that the Leaf ended up on the national coin. It has become over the years a national symbol, featuring on the flag and used by the military.

The coins of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Series feature light-refracting radial lines in the background, an element which was added to the coins in 2015.Included on this coin is a micro-lasered maple leaf as an anti-counterfeiting measure. When viewed under a microscope, it shows a ‘23’. We can also find the metal type, the purity (written in the two official languages of Canada, English and French) and CANADA above the leaf.

The gold for these 1 oz Maple Leaf coins come from Canada mines and are guaranteed by the Government of Canada. They are truly beautiful and with the last portrait of the Queen, even more highly collectable. Purchase your copy today.

Additional information

Product Number 104287
Country Canada
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 31.1035 gram
Gross Weight 31.1035 gram


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