1 oz Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin | 2022

1 oz Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin | 2022

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Vienna Philharmonic 2022 silver

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to acquire the new Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin recently released by the Austrian Mint.

Not only is it the best selling silver bullion in Europe offering strong competition to the silver Britannia coins but its design will enchant you!

On the obverse of 2022 Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins is a depiction of the pipe organ found in the Musikverein. The Musikverein is also known as the Golden Concert Hall and is the venue where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs when it is in the capital city of Austria.It has been designed in 1989 for the debut of the gold coin series by the Austrian Mint’s head engraver Thomas Pesendorfer, retired in 2016 and now replaced by Helmut Andexlinger. We can also find the engraved name of the state "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH"; the coin denomination value of “1.50 Euro”, fully backed by the Austrian government and the coin mintage year “2022”.

The reverse field of 2022 1 oz Silver Philharmonic Coins includes a design with various musical instruments. Eight characteristic orchestral instruments have been represented: four violins either side of a cello in the foreground and the Viennese horn, the bassoon and the harp behind. The inscription "WIENER PHILHARMONIKER" stands in a semicircle.

The Austrian Mint( Münze österreich) was founded in 1194, initially with 12 tons of silver paid to release King Richard I of England. (it was a ransom paid to the Duke of Austria Leopold V Babenberg who decided to start minting silver coins using a part of this silver). The Austrian Mint operates from its facility in Vienna until now, and continues to create coins of exceptional artistic value and craftsmanship.

The Vienna Philharmonic Silver coin saw a huge spike in demand during and after the 2008 financial crisis.. Indeed, silver has always been considered honest money and will generally outperform gold during a bull market. Investors know that if they need to sell, these coins will command higher prices and there will be plenty of demand. It was the first time that a European silver bullion coin had been brought on to the market featuring silver of 99.9 percent purity too. It is struck with a diameter of 37 mm with a face value of 1.50 euros and is now available for you to purchase online from Coininvest.com. You can choose the individual coin to be shipped to you in protective plastic flips, or go for acrylic tubes of 20 coins or even mint-sealed Monster Boxes of 500 coins!

Additional information

Product Number 20222
Country Austria
Metal Silver
Purity 999 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 31.1035 gram
Gross Weight 31.106 gram


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