10 x 1/10 oz CombiBar® | Gold | Valcambi

10 x 1/10 oz CombiBar® | Gold | Valcambi

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10 x 1/10 oz CombiBar™ | Gold | Valcambi

The Valcambi CombiBar™ has a distinct advantage with its design. The whole capsule is small enough to fit into your wallet making its easily accessible. As well as that it is manufactured with accurate perforated dividing points allowing you to break the bar into smaller bars of 1/10 oz. This innovative design by Switzerland’s Valcambi Mint is highly popular with investors who want the freedom of dividing the bar as they wish. The slightly higher price reflects the additional work involved in producing this outstanding product.


  • 10 x 1/10 oz bars of fine .9999 gold
  • Supplied by the mint in a plastic capsule with a certificate of authenticity
  • Product of Switzerland's Valcambi mint
  • Highly portable thanks to handy rectangular shape and credit card size
  • Fast delivery with StoneX Bullion.com

Additional information

Product Number 3002126
Country Switzerland
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 31.1035 gram
Gross Weight 31.1035 gram


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