2 oz Queen’s Beasts The Completer Silver Coin (2021)

2 oz Queen’s Beasts The Completer Silver Coin (2021)

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2oz Queen's Beasts Completer Coin

The 2 oz Silver Completer Coin follows its gold predecessor and signifies the end of the popular Queen's Beasts series from The Royal Mint. This beautiful and unique coin reunites all 10 beasts from the series, arranged in a protective circle around Queen Elizabeth II.

Inspiration for this well-loved collection came from the 10 heraldic statues that looked down on the Queen during her coronation in 1953. Created by British sculptor James Woodford, they represent the genealogy of Queen Elizabeth II, with each beast supporting a shield depicting the arms of a close family tie.

Coin highlights:

  • Final design of the Queen's Beast series
  • 2 ounces of silver with 999.9/1000 purity
  • Legal tender with a face value of £5

Additional information

Product Number 209192
Country United Kingdom
Metal Silver
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 62.207 gram
Gross Weight 62.23 gram


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