20 Swiss Francs Vreneli | Gold | 1897-1949

20 Swiss Francs Vreneli | Gold | 1897-1949

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20 Francs Vreneli (Switzerland)

The 20 Swiss Francs Vreneli was produced from 1897 to 1949 with a total of 58.6 million pieces. It replaced an earlier gold design minted previously in the 19th Century.

These commemorative gold coins are popular for their beauty and rarity. Manufactured by the Official Mint of the Confederation of Switzerland in Bern, the obverse shows a portrait of Vreneli (Helvetia Head) while the reverse features the cross of the Swiss Coat of Arms.

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Product Number 11701
Country Switzerland
Metal Gold
Purity 900 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 5.81 gram
Gross Weight 6.452 gram


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