5 Mexican Pesos Hidalgo | Gold | 1905 – 1955

5 Mexican Pesos Hidalgo | Gold | 1905 – 1955

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In 1910 Mexico celebrated the Centennial of the beginning of its War of Independence with Spain. To commemorate the event, a giant column was erected in the middle of Mexico City with a statue of "El Angel de la Independencia", "The Angel of Independence", sitting atop. This 6.7-meter statue, constructed of Bronze and Gold, represents the "Winged Victory", a Greek symbol for the goddess Nike (Victory). In her right hand the Angel holds a luarel crown, symbolizing Victory, while in her left she holds a broken chain, symbolizing Freedom.

The Mexican gold five pesos used to be a very popular small bullion coin before fractional Krugerrands were introduced in 1980.

The obverse features the Mexican coat of arms which depicts the Mexican golden eagle devouring a snake while perched atop a cactus. Interestingly, the 5 Pesos gold coins all feature the eagle facing forward, an antiquated version of the coat of arms developed in the French Style in the late 1800's.

The reverse features Miguel Hidalgo, considered to be the chief instigator of the Mexican revolution and the "Father of the Nation". Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio Hidalgo y Costilla Gallaga Mondarte Villaseñor was born on 8th May 1753, and died on 30th July 1811. In open defiance of Spanish rule, he united the downtrodden and indigenous peasants in a revolt in 1910, thus beginning the War of Independence. Hidalgo was captured shortly after the uprising began and was publicly executed.

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Product Number 11204
Country Germany
Metal Gold
Purity 900 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 3.75 gram
Gross Weight 4.17 gram


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