50 x 1g CombiBar® | Gold | Valcambi

50 x 1g CombiBar® | Gold | Valcambi

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The CombiBar 50g™ - a versatile choice

What could be better than a credit card-sized gold bar that is easily divisible for trade? The 50g Gold Combi Bar contains a full 50 grams of finest .9999 gold in the form of 50 x 1 gram bars. This innovative product from Switzerland's Valcambi Mint is highly popular with investors who want a product that can be divided as and when they wish.

Each Valcambi gold 50 g CombiBar is manufactured with accurate predetermined breaking points to ensure that there is no loss of gold when separating the bar into 1 gram units. Investors choose this exciting product both as a flexible payment method and as a long term addition to pension plans and portfolios. Its convenient size makes it highly portable and each 1 gram bar can be traded internationally at current gold prices. It's an excellent choice for frequent business travellers and 1 gram bars also make great gifts for family and friends.

Highlights when you choose the Valcambi CombiBar 50g at StoneX Bullion

  • 50 x 1 gram bars of fine .9999 gold
  • Supplied by the mint in a plastic capsule with a certificate of authenticity
  • Product of Switzerland's Valcambi mint
  • Highly portable thanks to handy rectangular shape and credit card size
  • Fast delivery with StoneX Bullion.com

StoneX Bullion aims to bring you the most exciting and innovative products on a regular basis - like this gold 50 g CombiBar. The slightly higher price reflects the additional work involved in producing this outstanding product.

Additional information

Product Number 30023
Country Switzerland
Metal Gold
Purity 999.9 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 50 gram
Gross Weight 50 gram


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