8g China Panda Gold Coin | 2022

8g China Panda Gold Coin | 2022

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8g china panda gold coin

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Panda coins in style with this new 8 gr 2022 coin! First released in 1982, the China Mint’s panda series is one of the most popular with collectors as the reverse design of the coin changes every year. Each year has a special story: 2019 was “Newborn Love”, 2020 showed the baby panda had grown a bit and munched bamboo leaves and in 2021 he got stronger and wanted to climb trees with his mother.

On this coin we see a pair of cute panda cubs playing in the snow. The panda has always been an important animal in Chinese culture and a symbol of peace and good luck.

The pandas are shown playing in the snow which is a reference to the Winter Olympics Games held in Beijing in February 2022. As for the logo for the 40th anniversary of the issuance of China's gold panda coins, its designer Qin Sujian said it retained the number "40", on the left of the coin. The reverse features the purity of the gold (.9999) and the weight of the fine gold (8 grams). Its face value is 100 Yuan.

The obverse design has remained relatively the same over the issuance of the series. The iconic design features the Temple of Heaven, located in the Forbidden City. This Taoist temple hosts religious ceremonies that are said to ensure good harvests.The coins in the Chinese Panda Series have featured this design as one of the two elements every year since the program started. The Chinese inscription for "People's Republic of China" appears above the coin, with the date "2022" underneath.

China's gold panda coin, issued by the People's Bank of China, is a symbolic precious metal commemorative coin in China, which is suitable for investment and collection.

Its various and artistic patterns have won the coin both a unique position in the world coinage and numerous awards at home and abroad so don’t miss the opportunity to purchase it on Coininvest today.

Additional information

Product Number 106114
Country China
Metal Gold
Purity 999 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 8 gram
Gross Weight 8.0008 gram


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