Dutch Ducat | Gold | 1890-2015

Dutch Ducat | Gold | 1890-2015

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Ducat Wilhelmina & Juliana Gold 1890-1980

This coin was the currency for many countries all over Europe in the 13th to 19th century, which made trading between countries much easier. That the first Ducat were minted in the famous trading point of Venice boosted the coins spreading even further. In the course of the colonization the coin even was used world wide.

The coins were also in use in the Netherlands. Even though their use changed from a circulation coin to a bullion coin, the name and the weight stayed the same. Therefore this coin continued a tradtion started in the medival. The motif was created in the Renaissance and makes this coin a real numismatic master piece.

The obverse features a standing knight with a sword, half the date is written to his left and the other half on his right. He is surrounded by “PARVAE CRESCUNT CONCORDIA RES"

The reverse features a decorated square with the text, “MO. AUR. REG. BELGII AD LEGEM IMPERII."

Additional information

Product Number 11404
Country Germany
Metal Gold
Purity 986 (millesimal fineness)
Fine Weight 3.44 gram
Gross Weight 3.49 gram


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