The historical price of gold

Surprisingly, as a gold specialist of course we advise you to invest in physical gold, but besides pushing our business model history proofs our advise is right. Historical data proofs how the goldprice has consistently outperformed any other investment.

The goldprice started increasing in August 2007, during the following years of the banking crisis in 2008-2009, the goldprice continued to increase until 2011, during these four years period the goldprice doubled. This period of steep increasing of the value was followed by a bearish period of four years with a lower interested for gold. i but following the peak in late 2011 trading and investment switched from bullish (keen) to bearish (hesitant). This is a common occurrence in the world of investment as the investors will deem an asset too expensive and lose interest, or spot another opportunity with something that is undervalued.

Gold’s bear market hit the bottom at the end of 2015 after the goldprice increased in 2016 sgot up by economic and political uncertainties driven by events such as the Brexit referendum result and Trump’s election in the USA. The price continued to rise during 2017 with tensions between the USA and North Korea over nuclear missile testing (Rocket Man), but by the end of the year the Cryptocurrency bubble was overtaken the attention from gold, shortly followed by a stock market uprise in the beginning of 2018. This bubble continued until March 2018 but at the begining of June 2018, stock markets starts stalling, fiat currencies grew more volatile, and goldprices climbed up again, proving again that it is a good decision to invest in gold. Brexit made the goldprice increasing again.

2020 provided new all-time highs of the goldprice, driven by the global Covid-19 pandemic and its economic effects. Central banks responded with creating trillions of new liquiditiy, keeping economies afloat, which resulted in raising concerns over the long term sustainability of national debt levels. The future of the global economy is uncertain and inflation starts rising, providing further potential support for the goldprice in the foreseeable future. The outbreak of conflict in Europe as Russia invaded Ukraine only further worsened this situation, and saw gold rise once again set a new record high in Euros. Of course, as with all investments, there are no guarantees trends of the pasts continue in the future, but it is our opinion it is important buying gold primarily as a safeguard for the future as well as a profitable investment. If you belief the current economic instabilities will continue down the same road for some time to come, then it is realistic the gold price is likely to remain high and continue to rise